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Design and construction of swimming pools, wellness centers and ornamental fountains, 2EssePiscine also deals with the assistance and partial or total renovation of both public and private structures.
After an inspection and careful evaluation, 2EssePiscine proposes the truly necessary renovation of a swimming pool, a wellness center or a fountain based on the real needs of the customer and of the structure itself, trying to enhance and recover the already existing works. 2EssePiscine will therefore decide on any intervention with the customer. 2EssePiscine offers the following services: Partial or total renewal of existing systems due to normal wear and tear over time or possible failure. Partial or total renovation of existing systems to adapt to the new regulations in force (especially in the case of public structures). Renewal and modernization of water treatment systems with new cutting-edge systems, such as the salt sterilizer. Replacement of hydraulic pumps with new generation energy saving and silenced inverter pumps. Renewal and modernization of the control systems with the addition of home automation to be able to monitor and control functions remotely. Replacement of the PVC sheet covering the tub. Renewal of the lighting system with RGB LED headlights and possible drivers for light effects. Increase in the period of use of the structure by heating the water with the installation of a heat pump.
NEW: Renewal of emotional showers with multifunctional shower trays in satin stainless steel of our production.
NEW: Renewal of hydromassage systems (where it is structurally possible) with new structures of any type and size in EPS with the revolutionary MCS2 delivery system, Underwater Cellular Massage (2EssePiscine patent).

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