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The evolution of methods and technologies never stops. 2EssePiscine always uses cutting-edge solutions. The structure in high-density polystyrene BCP formwork allows double thermal insulation (thus increasing the water temperature by 4° C and extending the time period of seasonal use of the pool) and allows you to have no constraints in the choice of size and shape of your swimming pool, as well as significantly reducing construction costs. The choice of the filtration and sterilization system is fundamental: the type and sizing must be proportionate to the structure, its operation and the type of water and must also follow legal regulations. It can also be enriched with a salt and/or UV-C sterilization system. The entire system can also be equipped with remote control: through a mobile phone you can monitor and manage the basic functions of your swimming pool or spa with the possibility of entrusting this commitment to 2EssePiscine: without its physical presence it will maintain regular control of the systems, limiting the necessary direct interventions with considerable savings for the end customer.

2EssePiscine is constantly looking for innovations and developments in the swimming pool and spa market, using only and exclusively top-of-the-range products. In fact, its commercial and technical collaborations with leading multinationals in the sector are numerous. 2EssePiscine has designed, patented and produced its own line of emotional showers, “MCS2” hydromassage dispensers (underwater cellular massage), special RGB LED spotlights, delivery or suction nozzles, “Telegeyser” retractable fountains which are enjoying considerable success in Italy and abroad.

Technology and patentsTechnology and patents